16. 1. - 17. 2. 2019 | exhibition | Exhibition project 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 1 is the cooperation of three authors at one time and in one space. The common ground is the exploration of the body-space-material-world-experience relationship.



artists: Simona Gottierová, Martina Mäsiarová, Dana Tomečková
curator: Beata Jablonská
finishing event: 15. 2. 2019 o 18:00hod
duration of the exhibition: 16. 1. - 17. 2. 2019
exhibition size: medium


We´re walking in with empty hands: it´s just us and a space.

We want to expose the body to a void, space, situation - to experience ourselves differently – in a new way. We are interested in possibilities of visualisation of something that our body can feel but is unable to capture/trace/realise. To grasp this something we use various media united with one term: im/material.

Im/material doesn´t last. It's not full nor empty. A drawing, video, sound, scent, light, word. A gelatin, sand, flour, water, poplar fluff, dough, eggshell, chewing-gum, soil, powdered sugar… We cannot really imprint any definitive form to im/material, it lives its own life. we see it in its temporality and fragility, subtlety. As a hint, a glimpse. As a trace. As a possibility. Such as a touch on the skin.

The result of the project is framed by a certain gallery space and a time period of five weeks during which we will explore, experience, analyze, create and question.