Research stays for doctoral students

Travel options during doctoral studies.

Student can apply for a study or research stay within the doctoral degree through the Erasmus +, Ceepus programs or bilateral agreements between the AFAD and foreign institutions. It is also possible to travel for a stay as a so-called "Freemover", ie based on the equipment of the place of residence (outside the exchange program, it does not have to be a partner school AFAD). The AFAD does not provide any funds for "Freemovers" mobility, but it is possible to apply for financial support for the stay in various scholarship and grant programs, or in foundations and support organizations. Several scholarship programs are administered by SAIA, in addition to providing information on other mobility financial support programs, such as foreign government scholarships or scholarships under scientific cooperation agreements. In addition, financial contributions are also provided by various Slovak and foreign foundations.

For more information, please contact the International office, Project Activity Office or the SAIA and he websites of the relevant foundations.