Drawing for Visual Communication

The programme of the subject is to master life drawing, development of drawing and artistic perception of reality with accent on alternatives of usage of the object in own work of the students in the field of industrial and graphic design

1st year of study, 1st and 2nd semester:

  • Initial interview on previous home and school drawings focused on detecting students´ drawing experience and their potential
  • Life drawing – nude, focused on mastering of basic rules of study drawing
  • Mastering of work with format and proportions in scale

2nd year of study, 3th and 4th semester:

  • Life drawing – nude in the scale 1:1, focused on development of students´ drawing skills in the given format
  • Study drawing of selected details of human body and compositions with other materials

3rd year of study, 5th and 6th semester:

  • Life drawing – nude with focus on transformation of mastered study drawing, on development of own drawing style that can be used in students´ professional work

Drawing for Visual Communication

Head of studio