Drawing for Sculpture, Object, Installation

Creating a space for professional attitude to drawing.

Marek Goliáš: drawing.
Michal Dvorský: drawing.
Martin Schwarz: drawing.
Jozef Vančo: drawing.
Emil Softič: drawing.

Drawing for the bachelor´s level of study – figure drawing

(1st – 7th semester of the bachelor´s level of study)

The subject anticipates mastering of basic issues of transformation of the space from three-dimensional to two-dimensional, which is typical for classical drawing. The area of study is summarized in the following points:

  1. Creating a space for professional attitude to drawing. Basics of drawing expression.
  2. Mastering of standard drawing procedures and drawing materials.
  3. Evaluation and comparing of own procedures.
  4. Extending experiences on compositional space solutions and system of perspective.
  5. Improving knowledge of the human body structure and anatomic structures.
  6. Strengthening of perception of character differences.
  7. Development of independent artistic thinking and expression.
  8. Individual artistic and creative approach.
  9. Experimental approaches.

Drawing for master´s level of study – art project

(1st and 2nd semester of the master´s level of study)

  • The aim of the subject is to create projects that are not limited by financial resources or by access to technologies. The objective is not to find an excellent solution nor to create an excellent drawing, but to document the process of thinking and the ability to create. The content of the subject is preparation of projects on given topics and their presentation by two-dimensional disciplines: drawing, collage, computer simulation, etc.. More complicated projects are accompanied by texts and technical drawings. Team and individual discussions on given topics.
  • The Art Porject creates an equal platform, where it is possible to concentrate on a thought, motive, idea, with minimal resources without financial or technological challenges when implementing it.


Drawing for Sculpture, Object, Installation