Typolab is intended for students in their final year of the bachelor’s degree programs and for students of master’s degree programs. It is focused on publishing design, typography, type design and creation of new concept procedures in organizing and formulating information in the current social and cultural context.

Overdesign, Terézia Denková
Overdesign, Terézia Denková.
Chrastina.otf, Michal Chrastina
Chrastina.otf, Michal Chrastina.
Script Hunter, Dominika Valentovičová
Script Hunter, Dominika Valentovičová.
Selfstalking, Zuzana Didová
Selfstalking, Zuzana Didová.
Eleven, Andrej Barčák
Eleven, Andrej Barčák.
Fight Flight Freeze, Terézia Denková
Fight Flight Freeze, Terézia Denková.
The Most World Readable Typeface, David Kalata
The Most World Readable Typeface, David Kalata.
Retrosketching, Lukáš Kollár, Lucia Šohajdová
Retrosketching, Lukáš Kollár, Lucia Šohajdová.
Bryndziar, Lucia Šohajdová
Bryndziar, Lucia Šohajdová.
Fuck the Limit, Aurélia Garová
Fuck the Limit, Aurélia Garová.
Jakubovice, Ivana Dudková
Jakubovice, Ivana Dudková.
Striper, Jitka Janečková
Striper, Jitka Janečková.
Vizual Habitat, manifest, Lukáš Bartoš
Vizual Habitat, manifest, Lukáš Bartoš.
Kaligraffiti, Peter Vido (paints Martin Kahan)
Kaligraffiti, Peter Vido (paints Martin Kahan).
Alena, Lukáš Kollár
Alena, Lukáš Kollár.
Štart je ciel, Tereza Maco
Štart je ciel, Tereza Maco.
Mongolatin, Soňa Juríková (on the left assists Dominika Valentovičová)
Mongolatin, Soňa Juríková (on the left assists Dominika Valentovičová).
Method, Martin Kahan
Martin Kahan: Method, Martin Kahan.
Rareness of Everyday Being, Ivana Palečková
Ivana Palečková: Rareness of Everyday Being, Ivana Palečková.
Redesign, Andrej Barčák
Andrej Barčák: Redesign, Andrej Barčák.

The Studio encourages intensive discussions and reflections. It offers context based on broadening knowledge of the latest theories of liberal arts. It is focused on personality development, autonomous and inquisitive approach to design in solving the most complex projects (typeface design, experimental typography, etc.) and it makes students motivated to solve issues related to content analysis as well as encouraged to come up with their own attitude. Consultations teach them to take a critical approach and responsibility for the chosen theoretical resources as well as to realize their ideas. Master’s degree programs aim at raising graduates who are capable of contributing to the development of typography and type design and are prepared to exploit their work and acquired knowledge for taking an active part in public debates and for taking interest in distinctive approaches to diverse media in which they will present their own visual language.  The study program consists of autonomous courses and workshops run by external specialists. Their content and focus vary from semester to semester. The Studio is also visited by specialists not only from the field of typography and type design, but also by art and philosophy theorists who are invited regarding the current issue being solved. The result of the graduate study is an author’s project which combines accumulated knowledge and strategies from the field of typography and type design and its presentation to a broader public in the form of exhibited installation. 


Head of studio