Teaching English

AFAD via the Department of Art History and Theory provides English language courses, with an emphasis on the professional terminology necessary for artistic practice.


Two-term English course covering levels from B1 to C1 is available to first or second-year undergraduate students and it is focused on expanding vocabulary related to all areas of fine art and applied arts taught at AFAD, as well as on active discussion of the related topics, and later on, on presentation skills describing artworks in the English language.



Master´s students are offered a one-term course English Conversation, which focuses on discussing topics related to 20th – century art movements and presentation skills. The course is also suitable for Erasmus students.



For up-to-date and detailed information on the available language courses and their syllabuses and content, please find the the "Course Register" section in AIS and type in the words "language" or "conversation" into the search box" or (Erasmus students) ask the International Office.