Studio of Textile Design

The Studio of Textile Design encourages its students to grow professionally, artistically and intellectually. During their studies, the students complete assignments ranging from small forms of applied textile design through specifics of residential and clothing design to the textile in architectonic space.

Towels, jacquard weaving
Viktória Remiarová: Towels, jacquard weaving.
Towels design for the bathroom
Veronika Muchová: Towels design for the bathroom.
Designs digital printing
Gréta Šabíková: Designs digital printing.
Experiment materials
Alexandra Opoldusová: Experiment materials.
Zuzana Martinusová: Backpack.
Realisation of carpet
Petra Zelisková: Realisation of carpet.

Through completing the assignments the students learn to find their own expression and artistic identity, to analyze problems, to think in context and to answer needs of life. The Studio offers a space for experimenting with design. Students also expand their experience by communication and cooperation with the textile industry.

Besides completing the semestral assignments, the students are in everyday touch with current developments in the textile design in Slovak, as well as in European context.  They attend exhibitions, trade fairs and competitions, such as International Trade Fair for Home and Contract Textiles in Frankfurt am Main, International Triennial of Tapestry in Lodz, etc..

The Studio of Textile Design organises exhibitions in Slovakia as well as abroad. Since 2005 it has regularly participated in projects of „Rooms for free“ – European Textile Academy Network, which is supported by German-based association of industrialists. The Network associates studios of textile design from 18 academies in Europe, Turkey and Brazil. It organises workshops, competitions and interships for young designers.

The graduates often find a job not only in Slovakia, but also in Czech, French or German textile companies.  Some of them etablish their own design studios.

Videos - animations

Areen Matanes

Space Bauhaus

Lenka Slačková


Zuzana Martinusová

Textile memory of my family

Andrea Opoldusová 

Textile memory of my family

Michaela Guthová

Textile memory of my family

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