Preparatory Studio of Textile Design

The preparatory Studio of Textile Design aims towards the understanding of the basic principles of designing and manufacturing of textile patterns.

Pavlina Árendášová_2021_01_visualization
Pavlina Árendášová_2021_01_visualization.
Pavlina Árendášová_2021_02_pattern variations
Pavlina Árendášová_2021_02_pattern variations.
Pavlina Árendášová_2021_03_application in product
Pavlina Árendášová_2021_03_application in product.
Pavlina Árendášová_2021_04_collection
Pavlina Árendášová_2021_04_collection.
Pavlina Árendášová_2021_05 _material trials with TCpigments
Pavlina Árendášová_2021_05 _material trials with TCpigments.

It emphasizes on work with the basic means of creating a pattern, the so-called design variables (such as shape/form, line, color, rhythm, structure, raster, etc.) and deals with issues of motif proportion, its ordering, pattern creation, rapport and its variations.


In response to semester assignments, students solve the issues and specifics of the design and processing of a collection of patterns for various textile substrates and structures in the context of their specific application (clothing - home - technical/functional textiles).


Students become familiar with the technical and aesthetic specifics of home and clothing textiles, the construction of a pattern composition, the technological possibilities of its creation (pigment/dye/etching printing, embossing, laser and other finishing touches) and the limitations of manual or small series and industrial implementation. They practically go through the individual steps of creating a collection - from inspiration, through mood boards and sketches, material and technological implementation tests, realization of prototypes and selected designs, to the final assembly of the collection, adjustment of the presentation, visualization of the product in space and in its specific functional application.

Preparatory Studio of Textile Design

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