Studio of free sculpture

Simona Novická: Im-materia, 2022.
Car Accident
Šimon Chyla: Car Accident, 2023.
Simona Novická: Praesentia, 2023.

In the spring semester of 2024, the Free Sculpture Studio will be led by guest teacher Matej Gavula

Bachelor's degree

Mastery of basic spatial principles with a focus on material research and experimentation will be key for students in the bachelor's program. Students will master material skills through sketching and exercises aimed at creating the foundations of an authoring program. Emphasis will be placed on developing the ability to study and formulate one's starting points, define one's own ideas and critical thinking. I consider the creation of a line between rational/critical thinking, eye, heart and subliminal perception of the world to be a key role in the given period. The search for oneself will take place through basic sculptural principles, i.e. adding and subtracting physical and mental material through the following steps.

Master's degree

The focus of studio work as part of the master's degree will be the development of an autonomous author's program aimed at creating an independent work of art with the qualities of an "experience beyond us". 1 From the point of view of developing critical thinking, students will be introduced to the strategies of contemporary sculpture through a balance between an intuitive and conceptual approach based on key sculptural traditions according to geographical affiliation - USA, Great Britain, Germany, South America, conceptual tendencies in Eastern Europe. Towards a deeper familiarity with individual traditions, I would ideally like to mediate/organize a series of lectures or workshops with guest professors focused on a given topic or problem. The second alternative is the deepening of cooperation with the Department of Art Theory. The reflection of the given traditions will open the space for a discussion about self-identification, reaction and definition to the mentioned approaches. 2 Finding and defining one's own position in relation to the artistic operation. A master's degree graduate should be prepared for professional communication with potential partners and integration into the artistic operation.



Head of studio