Studio of Free and Color Printmaking

The Studio of Free and Color Printmaking led by Vojtech Kolenčík, academic painter, is a dynamic phenomenon overlapping a framework of a classical graphic media.

Semester work
Tero Abaffy: Semester work.
Semestral work
Veronika Čmaradová: Semestral work.

Interdisciplinary and progressive range of the Studio cancels stereotypes, beyond their own border and welcomes experimental research leading to discovery of inventive technological advances in the field of “free graphics”. Strong emphasis is put on the intelligent use of colours, as well as their formal application (flat, space). The effort of the students to seek specific means of expression is a desirable quality of the Studio.

The student works under supervision of an experienced teacher – artist, but the most important weight is given to freedom of expression of the needs of individual student as an autonomous creator. The teacher openly supports the student in his / her individual shaping. By maintaining of mutual communication between the teacher and the student, the student´s personal relationship to creation is reinforced.

The Studio of Free and Color printmaking attaches importance to the school and non-school exhibition and other activities, individual or collective, which contribute to the personal development of the students in preparation for independent and successful functioning in their own field.

Studio of Free and Color Printmaking

Head of studio