Studio Laboratory of Photography

photography + experiment + projections / overlaps/ + game

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Studio Laboratory of Photography is about a wide range of photographic media from conceptual, documentary and art photography to its overlaps with other media, such as video, performance, installation, painting, while students are introduced to the issues of art history. Emphasis is placed on experiment, while mastering the craft is not underestimated. The studio solves not only global problems, but also, for example, finding an alternative to the current concept of consumer life. Attention is also paid to the archetype and other unique phenomena of our regional present. During the semester, we consult intensively, study literature, go to exhibitions, creative workshops and invite interesting people to lectures. In the process, open communication and personal contact are preferred so that the student can find himself and his place in art. Creative workshops are in Slovakia but also abroad, while we cooperate with other schools and institutions. We present the results at studio, departmental and other exhibitions, competitions and other shows at home and abroad. We have published several catalogs that document students' work on various projects. The studio is also enriched by doctoral students, who lead partial tasks for students and introduce them to their research. Mastering the expression of ideas in visual language is the basic direction of the studio.