Studio about Photography

The concept of studio is based on research into the imaging language of photography and analysis turned to the concepts of the photographic medium and its image.

Forbidden Fruit Tastes the Sweetest
Jakub Michal Teringa: Forbidden Fruit Tastes the Sweetest, 2021.
About Photography
Ema Lančaričová: About Photography, 2020.
The Act of Taking of Photography
Barbora Katuščáková: The Act of Taking of Photography, 2021.
David Hangonyi: -273,15, 2021.
Back to Animism1
Ester Šabíková: Back to Animism1, 2020.
Back to Animism2
Ester Šabíková: Back to Animism2.
The Act of Taking of Photography
Jana Stankovičová: The Act of Taking of Photography, 2021.
The Act of Taking of Photography
Kristína Baloghová: The Act of Taking of Photography.
The Cute Animal Phenomenon
Klementína Knezlová: The Cute Animal Phenomenon, 2021.
Remntants 1
Anna Mária Špániková: Remntants 1, 2021.
Remntants 2
Anna Mária Špániková: Remntants 2, 2021.
Romana Halgošová: XY ZA, 2021.
Marcus Oliver Obert: Oblivion, 2021.
Two Sides
Nataša Bošková: Two Sides, 2021.

In several systematically repeated phases, we contribute to the discussion "about photography" and address issues in the areas of technological, material nature of photography in parallel with philosophical and epistemological considerations about this medium. The past, present and future of photography form the starting point for teaching in the Studio About Photography.

Photography is currently a broad entity constantly oscillating between material and immaterial forms, between physical objects and free-floating images somewhere in a virtual environment. Photography is everywhere and at the same time "nowhere". The concept of the studio adapts to the current state of the photographic medium in the current post-Internet situation and its position in the dynamics of social networks.

From this point of view, it is necessary for students in the studio to monitor the complexity of the issue of the technical image of photography, to understand and then grasp the widest possible contexts and information about this medium. Students are oriented to the study of philosophical and theoretical knowledge about photography, which they incorporate into their work with the medium.

Studio about Photography

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