PROTOATELIER is designated for 2nd-year students of bachelor´s degree programs


The used terms refer mainly to topics, questions related to our everyday lives. We use them in connection with repetition, occurred situations or in connection with creative work, creating, recreating. We repeat what has been created before, we expose it, we make variations of it. We also use these terms, when we create a brand new work, project. This enables us in praxis to interlink ´new´(digital) methods of processing with classical, traditional methods and vice-verse (on a theoretical as well as practical level).

Teaching methodology, content:

  • lectures of internal and external guests.
  • joint discussion and consultations (group and individual), work in progress, short workshops, visits of current exhibitions and festivals, studios of artists, discussions, readings, lectures.
  • Photoatelier is a sequel of the first year (preparatory course) and therefore it should continuously interlink students´creative potential in cooperation with technical and theoretical courses.
  • A small assignment initiating an intensive start and the main topic completed in a form of a photographic series, installation, object constitute every term.
  • Working atmosphere in the studio is based on openness not only in discussion, but also in using various approaches in work with a photograph and in finalizing the term project. We work with colour and black and white analogue film, creative scanning technique, printscreen like a visual means of shooting, with transfer, big format, or experimental short video or sound.
  • We collaborate, visually interlink problems of the present, connect thoughts, forms, media- by recycling and remixing, we think in an art language. Thematically we contemplate about photography, critically we think about interlinking acquired skills, we lead a dynamic dialogue, we try to cooperate. We put emphasis on differentiation of the author´s approach.
  • Our primary aim is to form critical and conceptual thinking, we incorporate documentary, snapshot or personal diary work, online presentation into artistic level or we create an experimental documentary.
  • Every mistakes becomes a part of the process


During the term a student  can choose from a topic, however, the chosen topic must be interlinked with a social, cultural/subcultural, ecological even with a local, or existential problem. It is emphasised that every topic is supported by relevant literature. 

At the end of both terms we look for options how to present all projects in the public space (e.g. at bus stops) or in the alternative exhibition spaces.




Head of studio