Preparatory Course in Photography

The Preparatory Course in Photography intended for first-year students of the bachelor’s degree programs aims to uncover, by means of simple assignments, the complicated nature of the photographic medium which follows the basic principles such as space, light and time.

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The preparatory course in photography for first-year bachelor's students aims to uncover the complex nature of the photographic medium, which works on basic principles such as space, light and time, with the help of simple assignments. During the winter semester, students from the Department of Intermedia will try out work in a photo chamber and technological procedures for creating a photographic image without the use of a camera (photogram, camera obscura, experiment with light-sensitive photo paper). At the same time, they work on assignments, which they realize photographically. During this period, they will become acquainted with the history of photography, technology and gain a basic overview of the direction of contemporary photography. Students of the first year of the Department of Photography and New Media will spend the summer semester on a preparatory course. Part of several exercises is the above-mentioned creation of photographs 'without the use of a camera', in this case aimed at a reduced or abstract image and its conscious use in response to a topic assigned by the teacher. Through a collective exercise, students are introduced to already established authors from Slovakia and abroad, with whom students have the opportunity to work on assignments. In addition to mastering the content quality of photographs, they are also guided to a well-thought-out concept of the presentation, mastering the technical side of the media, preparation for printing and installation.

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Preparatory Course in Photography

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