The Fourth Studio

In the Winter Semester 2023 at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava, the studio under the leadership of the authorized head of studio Zbyňek Sedlecký will present the possibilities of painting with an emphasis on the construction of the image and the search for moments of its various cadences.

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  • Students will have the opportunity to discuss their issues with an emphasis on the openness of questions regarding the images seen, held or staged.
  • Each person has a different relationship to the paradoxes of memory, especially in situations of newly emerging media, which the students will be able to discuss with a teacher who has extensive experience with their fixation by painting on a picture surface.
  • Within the studio, among others, the possibility of creating in front of a live model will be given, with the path of veristic verification of what has been seen resulting in the creation of specific characters that can be further used in the expanded frameworks of the medium.


  • The main motive of the studio this semester will be the interest in the processing of the seen, objective world in the context of history and the tradition of painting, while it will be a search and orientation of its references in contemporary painting.


  • The studio in the semester under the leadership of Zbyňek Sedlecký at AFAD will form a platform for free creation with the possibility of experimentation, which we ourselves are a part of.


The Fourth Studio

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