Studio of Painting III.

The core of the Studio activities lies in cultivation of understanding a work of art as a whole through the laboratory works with material options not separated from the content of the statement.

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It is a day to day active participation on the adventures of authentic creation.

Starting from initiation to the deep penetration - to participate in the miracles of conversion of material into energy of spirit and their subsequent reflection. This reflection is directed at the ability to think about own work as about a "strange" phenomenon and a critical subjecting of own thinking (toward the top goal - to think own thinking).

The possibility of a free choice of adequate media language is important: it is a part of the input considerations on future nature of the work and it is not something which would have been given a priori. Selected media are critically analyzed for the sake of consistent, uncompromising adequate technical mastering – in the interest of concise articulation of the statement.

The Studio is characterized by favourable collegial atmosphere, openness to experiment and permanent discourse about the sense and place of art in the modern world: thinking about art is understood as a subsystem of thinking about the world.

All activities are focused on supporting processes of formation of each individual student as an authentic complex personality: learning and educational processes are consciously supported.

The Studio (school) is also a place for missteps and has the same sense for exemption as for understanding of crisis.

The students are expected to have a healthy obsession and passion for the formation and qualities such as concentration, curiosity and patience.

Studio of Painting III.

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