Studio of Wall Paintings Conservation and Restoration

In comparison with other disciplines the restoration of wall paintings has its own specifics arisen from individual paint techniques, but mainly from the fact, that there is a direct interrelation between wall painting and the architecture.

The treatment of painting is perceived as a complex issue in a mutual conjunction with the architecture, which places tougher demands on research of the sight, actual implementation of restoration and methodological and conservationist matters. Teaching process takes place outside of school studios, right in the field.

The first phase of the study programme is oriented towards restoration research of wall painting with reference to the interrelation with architecture. In the second phase the attention is directed to the realization of restored wall painting.

Emphasis at master´s level is put on issues pertaining to conceptually challenging restoration projects, where the students have to demonstrate their ability of own method when addressing complex technical and artistic demands.

Studio of Wall Paintings Conservation and Restoration

Head of studio