Studio of Architecture III

Our work is focused on combining real aspects of design with utopian visions. In a way that could become a real inspiration approach in practice.

Filip Kusák: Hydrotube, 2014.
Iconic Ruins – Incheba
Monika Studničná: Iconic Ruins – Incheba, 2018.
Iconic Ruins – Istropolis
Eva Kvašaiová: Iconic Ruins – Istropolis, 2018.
Iconic Ruins – Building of Slovak Radio
Martin Mikovčák, Miro Búran: Iconic Ruins – Building of Slovak Radio, 2016.
Iconic Runs – Dezember Palace Void
Ján Malík: Iconic Runs – Dezember Palace Void, 2017.
Iconic Ruins – Kamenné námestie
Erika Beňuška, Filip Kusák, Miro Búran: Iconic Ruins – Kamenné námestie, 2017.
Iconic Ruins – Wells and canals
Gabriela Smetanová: Iconic Ruins – Wells and canals, 2017.
Models – Invisible
Kristína Betušová: Models – Invisible, 2019.
Models – Jahodná
Jakub Samuel: Models – Jahodná, 2020.
Models – Jahodná
Katarína Kocková, Kristína Betušová: Models – Jahodná, 2019.
Models – Jahodná
Šimon Trančík: Models – Jahodná, 2019.
Models – Jahodná
Katarína Kocková, Kristína Betušová: Models – Jahodná, 2019.
Models – Egg
Petra Ďuríšková: Models – Egg, 2020.
Erika Beňuška: Steinplatz, 2017.
Čulenova heating plant - assemblage
Kristína Juríková: Čulenova heating plant - assemblage, 2012.
Čulenova heating plant - hypostyle
TOmáš Letenay: Čulenova heating plant - hypostyle, 2012.
Čulenova heating plant - Jurkovič
Miro Búran: Čulenova heating plant - Jurkovič, 2012.
Total Theathre
Lea Debnárová: Total Theathre, 2020.

We emphasize the analysis of the assignment and the conceptual thinking of the individual. The process takes place in the precise definition of terms (text), in the transformation of relationships into a graphic form (diagrams), their application in a concept (design) and the ability to sell it (presentation). The focus of the work is the model display. The studio is vertical, the work is based on a common task, which allows interactivity between individuals and focus on the topic.

Our interest is to lead the student to an intuitive way of thinking. Ability to absorb new design methods, graduate their skills and expand knowledge in the field of conceptual design. The aim is to successfully enter the practice in the role of architect - creator. We want to support the talent of intelligent people in an individual approach to the student and together create the spirit of the studio (reading and analysis of texts, lectures, assignments, discussions, consultations ...).

Our architecture wants to be an alternative to the authorial determination of architecture. Its manifestations are multiplicity and diversity. It is the result of generating different parameters into a system that replaces the different interests of individual participants in practice. Its basic feature is adaptability. It is characterized by the possibility of change, the possibility of growth and overgrowth with other types of architecture. Possibility of own transformation. It is the result of more cognitive thinking about the building than the refinement of a special architectural methodology.