Studio Architexture: Body and Space

Nowadays, architects are no longer just creators of buildings or static spaces and environments, but also materials and processes.


Material and building elements lose global uniformity and can be optimized locally with interdisciplinary overlaps with emphasis on geometry, topology, ecology and lightening of the "building culture", behavioural control, aggregation, connections, variations or typology of connections, creating varieties and specificities rather than efficiencies and universality; with possible interpretations in various scales in digital and material prototypes (module-row-field // clothing-pavilion-facade) and notations (various types of diagrams).


How can we work with bodies that are invisible, erased, or marginalized? How can we rehabilitate absent bodies? We will examine non-rational, non-objective, incorrect bodies, or even non-human bodies and non-bodies. What are the spaces of such bodies and how can we create or design them?


Our experimental studio deals with the relationship between a body and the space, focusing on the envelopes that surround us, material speculations in 1:1 prototypes and architecture that is more volatile than static, soft rather than hard, haptic and vulnerable, lived and able to change.  We believe in discovering rather than designing.

Studio Architexture: Body and Space

Head of studio