Studio Metal and Jewel

Studio Metal and Jewel is the only one of its kind in Slovakia. It offers teaching in bachelor's, master's and doctoral studies. Studio Metal and Jewel was founded in 1990 by the world-famous Slovak artist, jeweler doc. Anton Cepka, Acad. soch., who led him until 1995. The studio was taken over by prof. Karol Weisslechner and designed the management of the atelier according to size designations such as S+M+L_XL – METAL AND JEWEL. From 2023, the Metal and Šperk studio is headed by MA. Kristýna Španihelová ArtD.

Brooch, acrylic paint
Veronika Opavská: Brooch, acrylic paint, 2011.
Wind, thimbles, brass, other materials
Denisa Sedláková: Wind, thimbles, brass, other materials, 1996.
Materiality, brooch silver glass
Mariana Boldišová: Materiality, brooch silver glass, 1999.
Tiara, paper, foil printing, fur, cotton
Alena Timkovičová: Tiara, paper, foil printing, fur, cotton, 2003.
Gallery project in the Museum of the Bohemian Paradise, visualization
Matej Bezúch: Gallery project in the Museum of the Bohemian Paradise, visualization, 2005.
Stainless steel, vernissage tableware design, for Berndorf Sandrik, visualization
Mária Nepšinská: Stainless steel, vernissage tableware design, for Berndorf Sandrik, visualization, 2003.
Horror vacui, installation, hardened lace
Alena Tomkovičova: Horror vacui, installation, hardened lace, 2005.
Transformation, plastic, 3D printing
Lucia Bartková: Transformation, plastic, 3D printing, 2009.
Design, realization of cutlery, silver
Barbora Heinzová: Design, realization of cutlery, silver, 2010.
Ring, silver plastic
Jan Michalisko: Ring, silver plastic, 2010.
Black water brooch silver, mother of pearl
Zuzana Šulerřová: Black water brooch silver, mother of pearl, 2012.
Shelter, necklace, silicone, pigment
Dana Tomečková: Shelter, necklace, silicone, pigment, 2014.
Ego Update mystification, plastic, acrylic
Barbora Jamrichová: Ego Update mystification, plastic, acrylic, 2015.
Bratislava, cycle of rings, brass wood
Viktor Kováč: Bratislava, cycle of rings, brass wood, 2016.
Adhesion, necklace, aluminum
Vladimíra Labudová: Adhesion, necklace, aluminum, 2017.
Studio S+M+L_XL – Metal and Jewell

About study in the Studio

Studying in the studio is divided into a two-year preparatory jewelry course, which focuses on the basic concepts and principles in the creation of artistic jewelry. Students will become familiar with basic goldsmithing techniques and technologies and learn how to apply basic art tools in the medium of artistic jewelry. This jewelry preparatory course is firmly connected with practical skills that are necessary for further creation in the Studio Metal and Jewel. The aim of this basic practical and theoretical knowledge is to deepen and enrich students in the given field and prepare them for further studies in the Metal and Jewel Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava..

The teaching concept at the Metal and Jewel Studio is based on providing students with a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to artistic creation. Particular emphasis is placed on the perception of material, form, craft and concept in the context of contemporary society. Innovation, creativity and experimentation are key elements of our teaching, which is why we encourage our students to think innovatively and dare to express their unique visions.

At the Metal and Jewel Studio, we believe that the process of creating and finding an authentic, distinctive expression is as important as the end result. We strive to inspire our students with a desire for knowledge, joy in creation and respect for craftsmanship. We believe that every student is unique and we support their individuality.

Cooperation and communication are key values in our studio. We encourage students to cooperate with other studios at the school, but also outside it, further into the external environment. Open communication and empathy are important to us because joint discussions and sharing of opinions are key to developing critical thinking.

Studio Metal and Jewel provides our students with professional knowledge, skills and the possibility of personal development in the field of jewelry and spatial creation. We encourage students to explore different materials, techniques and technologies, whether through traditional practices or modern experiments. We teach them to overcome their fear of making mistakes and express their thoughts and visionary ideas through visual arts.

The goal of Ateliér Kov a Šperk is to prepare graduates who will be able to establish themselves as creative creators in the field of jewelry and spatial design, while at the same time bringing new impulses and inspiration to this field. Graduates should leave school with the feeling that they have learned something valuable, with the ambition and curiosity to continue their artistic journey.