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Requirements for entrance examination. Home assignments, further details of individual tasks, necessary tools. The requirements are current for the admission procedure at Academic year 2023/2024.

Requirements for home assignments - portfolio

The applicant submits assignments in 3 sections:

  • A – Mandatory assignment on a given topic. A textual description of the solution and motivation for the completed assignment should be attached. (max. 300 words)
  • B – Video application
  • C – Portfolio (approx. 10 works)

A – Mandatory assignment:

Topic: „ Forgetting “

It is the information age, the age of knowledge and big data. But we will discuss instead a process which is reversal to data acquisition, reversal to learning, to getting to know. The process is forgetting. Forgetting happens in many forms and shapes. It affects our lives and our society both on a major scale and in subtle ways. Interpret the topic of forgetting in your own way.

You can choose from several art forms to embrace the theme. Choose one and process it according to the given form and extent:

  • Architecture, design, public space intervention. Hand in your sketches and/or your 3D model, perhaps a collage of your design and real space. 3D designs must be rendered into images and/or videos.
  • 2D/3D graphics, graphic design
    Create a series of graphics or a 3D scene (render) or a fictional advertisement or a photocollage.... Surprise us..
  • Virtual and augmented reality. Sketches of the visual appearance accompanied by text description, documentation, screenshots... If you implemented the idea hand in the executable application too.
  • Videogame, interactive environment
    Hand in Art Design Document and Game Design Document. If you implemented the idea hand in the executable application too.
  • Video animation. Video file, max 3 minutes.
  • Infographics. Static images and/or a PDF presentation and/or interactive online visualization
  • Interactive installation in space. Design elaborated in the form of sketches, or a digital 3D model. Both accompanied with description of the design of the installation and of its interaction with a visitor.
  • … others
    We invite also other forms and shapes of creative output. Please, contact us for consultation.

B – Video application

Short video about the applicant and his/her motivation to study digital arts in a duration of maximum 3 minutes. File format MP4, maximal resolution 1920x1080. Video application itself will not be evaluated, its primary purpose is to introduce the applicant to the committee.

C – Portfolio

Submission of the selection of works (approx. 10 works). Suitable media are: drawing and painting (also digital forms), photography, video, animation, 3D modelling, infographics and data visualization, architecture, graphic design, web design, computer applications and games, user interfaces, performance, installation, social activism, online marketing. These works can be also presented as proposals for projects.

Technical requirements concerning formats:

The portfolio is submitted in one PDF file in which every work is presented on the individual page (or more pages) together with a title and short annotation to the work. Each work is accompanied with at least one picture (or photograph, screenshot, render, etc.). If the work already exists, hyperlink should be attached to the annotation. Pages in the file have a width orientation (1920 x 1080 pixels or 297x210mm)

If the portfolio contains videos or animations, they must be uploaded in a single video file as consecutive segments.
Pictures, photographs, graphic design: JPEG or PDF format. The screen with the title and applicant´s name or a short annotation should precede every segment. File MP4 format, maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080.

If the portfolio also contains video programs, demos or games, they are to be submitted in an executable form for the Windows or Mac platform, packed in a ZIP file.

How to submit works:

  • 3 files from all three sections (home assignment, video and portfolio) will be uploaded by the applicant after submitting the electronic application and attachments in the period from December 6, 2022 from 12 p.m. untill December 9, 2022 by 8 a.m. via the website:; access data and instructions will be sent to the email addresses listed in the application no later than 12 p.m. on 6 December 2022.
  • Each file must be named in format: name_surname_item (e.g.: Andrea_Schwartz_Videointroduction.mp4)

Further details of individual tasks during the admissions procedure:

First round

  • by the distance method, without the applicant’s physical presence
  • assessment of all portfolio components listed in homework requirements (portfolio). Each member of the admissions committee evaluates on a six-point scale (0-5 points).
  • assessment of mandatory assignment. Each member of the admissions committee evaluates on a six-point scale (0-5 points).

Second round

  • in person, with the participation of the applicant who passes to the second round from the first round. The second round of the admissions procedure lasts for two days.


  • working on creative assignments specified by the committee. For example, a drawing representation of a given story, ideas behind functionality design and graphic design of a mobile application’s user interface, a logo design or a campaign on a given topic...
  • Each member of the admissions committee evaluates each task on a six-point scale (0-5 points), if a full-day task is assigned, it is evaluated on an eleven-point scale (0-10 points).


  • An interview with the applicant in front of the commission, where the applicant demonstrates his knowledge of the field he is applying for; a discussion about housework is part of the interview. We ask applicants about their interests outside of school, we talk about favorite books, movies, video games. We are interested in what appealed to the applicants in art, culture or social events, or which authors inspire them and why. Each member of the admissions committee evaluates the interview on a six-point scale (0-5 points).
  • Part of the interview is aimed at finding out an overall overview of the high school curriculum in history, literature, history of visual arts and orientation in contemporary art and socio-cultural overview. It is evaluated in a six-point scale (0-5 points) separately by two members of the commission designated for this part of the admission interviews from among internal and external teachers of the Department of Theory and History of Art.
  • Applicants from abroad will be allowed to complete the interview in English, but in the case of successful acceptance, they will continue their studies in the Slovak language (minimum level B1 is required).

Tools required for entrance examination

  • Pencil and eraser
  • Drawing pen
  • Recommended: coloured pencils or coloured markers

Recommended sources

  • Gombrich, H. E.: The Story of Art
  • Mirzoeff, N.: How to See the World
  • Gibson, W. : Neuromancer
  • Liou Cch’-sin: Three Body Problem
  • Ted Chiang: Stories of Your Life and Others; Exhalation
  • Blade Runner (movie, r. Ridley Scott, 1982)
  • Pi (movie, r. Darren Aronofsky, 1998)
  • Dear Esther (videogame, The Chinese Room, 2012)
  • The Stanley Parable (videogame, Wreden & Pugh, 2013)
  • Baba is You (videogame, Hempuli, 2021)


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