Library rules and regulations

Rules and Regulations of the Academic Library Of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava

I. General Provisions

Article 1

1. Under the paragraph 21 1b)  of the Act no. 131/2002 of the Collection of Laws on Universities as amended, the Academic Library of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava (hereinafter called „Library”) serves as an information center of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava (hereinafter called „AFAD”). Its status and function is regulated by the Act no. 183/2000 of the Collection of Laws on libraries, as amended by the Act no. 27/1987 of the Collection of Laws on National mouments protection and by the Act no. 68/1997 of the Collection of Laws on Matica slovenska and Act no. 416/2001 of the Collection of Laws.

2. The tasks of the Library are the following:

  • serves as an information, bibliographic and consultation center of AFAD,
  • preserves, bibliographically registers and provides access to theses and dissertations,
  • offers library-information services for public.

3. The Library provides its services under the principle of access of the library users to documents and information regardless their political, national, racial or religious affiliation.  

4. The Library offers these services to its users:

    a) basic services

  • absence and presence lending of books and documents,
  • information on catalogues, collections and services of the Library,
  • consultations on usage of specialized information tools,

    b) specialized services

  • electronic information services,
  • interlibrary loans and international interlibrary loans,
  • reprographic services (from the Library collection).

5. The library offers its basic services for free. Some of the specialized services are charged.

Article 2

Access to the Library

  1. The Library is divided into Circulation section, Study room, Service area and Library stockroom.
  2. Each library user can access the Circulation section freely.
  3. A user can enter the Study room upon presentation of the library card.
  4. The Service area and the Library stockroom can´t be accessed by the library users.

Article 3

Basic Rights and Duties of Library Users

  • The Library user is obliged to:
    •  follow the Library Manual and other internal regulations as well as instructions of the library employees,

    •  submit to inspection, which is crucial for maintaining order and protection of the library property,

    • keep silence in all library premises, keep them clean and in order.

  • It is forbidden to:
    • eat and drink in the Library,

    • use mobile phones,

2. If the user violates these obligations, he or she may be temporarily or permanently deprived of their right to use the library services. This doesn´t release the user from his or her obligation to provide indemnity and to be liable for committed damage according to legal regulations. The right to access the Library can be also withdrawn from a user due to hygienic reasons.

3. Comments and suggestions on the work of the Library can be submitted to the library director or to the rector of AFAD, both orally and in writing or via e-mail. This regulation doesn´t interfere with legal regulations on handling of complaints.

Article 4

Enrollment of Library Users

1. Who can become a user of the library:

  • internal and external university teachers, academic employees and other AFAD employees,
  • internal and external AFAD students,
  • other natural persons after age 15 (limited right to absence loans),
  • other libraries or legal persons.

2. A natural person or a legal person represented by authorised person becomes a user of the library upon:

  • registering in the library by signing an application form,
  • payment of the registration fee and the fee respective for usage of the library services,
  • issuing a library card.

3. The user commits to comply wtih the Library manual by signing the library application form.

Article 5

Library cards

1. The library card entitles its holder to use services of the Library.

2. Persons with Slovak citizenship – university teachers, academic employees, other AFAD employees, internal and external AFAD students holding the library card are entitled to use presence and absence services of the library.

3. Other persons with Slovak citizenship and foreigners holding the library card are only entitled to use presence services.

4. Library cards are issued:

  • to Slovak citizens upon presenting valid ID card,
  • to foreigners upon presenting passport.

5. The library card is non-transferable.

6. Employee of the circulation section or study room holds the right to ask the library user for his or her proof of identity (in case of Slovak citizens for their ID card, in case of foreigners for their passport or their residence permit) to verify the indentitiy of the library user.

7. The library card holder is responsible for any misuse of the library card.

8. If the library card has been lost, the library card holder is obliged to immediately report the loss to the Library, otherwise he or she is responsible for the consequences of its misuse. In case of loss of the library card, the library card holder shall pay the fee for issuing a new library card.

9. The library user is required to announce any changes in personal data: name, address, occupation, new ID card, within 15 days.

10. The library user who is an AFAD student is obliged to announce also interruption of studies at AFAD, and to do so in writing within 3 days after the studies interruption.

11. If the library user doesn´t announce changes of data stated in paragraphs 9 and 10 of this Article and the library will be forced to verify these changes, the library user shall pay respective fee.

II. Loans Manual

Article 6

Loan options

1.The loan process shall be in accordance with the Library mission and status and shall meet the requirements on providing protection of the library collection.

2. The library users can borrow documents from the library collection upon presenting the library card and filling out an order form in writing or online. The library user confirms the loan by signing a borrower´s ticket.

3. Documents from the library collection can be lent:

  • for presence studying (i.e. for studying in the study room of the Library) or
  • for absence studying (i.e. for studying outside the Library).

4. Persons with Slovak citizenship – internal and external university teachers, academic employees, other AFAD employees, internal and external AFAD students can borrow documents from the library collection:

  • for presence studying
  • for absence studying.

5. Other persons with Slovak citizenship and foreigners can only borrow documents from the library collection for presence studying (i.e. for studying in the study room of the Library).

6. The AFAD teachers and academic employees of AFAD can also borrow documents for their personal reference library.

7. Loans can´t be made via mail in the seat of the Library.

Article 7

Loan Process

1. The library director decides on loans of documents.

2. The following types of documents can only be lent for presence studying (for studying in the study room of the Library):

  • documents from the reference library of the study room,
  • year´s volumes of selected periodicals (in accordance with the decision of the library director),
  • rare and expensive documents (in accordance with the decision of the library director),
  • documents with loose leaves (in accordance with the decision of the library director),
  • theses and dissertation, research papers, audiovisual and electronic documents (in complinance with the Copyright Act),
  • documents borrowed from other libraries (foreign or national, if the respective library sets such condition).

3. If the library director deems it necessary, an advance payment shall be made for absence loans.

Article 8

Library Loans Policy

1. Absence loans (documents for studying outside the Library) can only be made in the circulation section.

2. The library user is required to collect ordered document at the circulation desk within two days, unless otherwise agreed.

3. Borrowed documents can be reserved upon request of the library user.

Article 9

Number of Documents Borrowed

1. Internal and external student of AFAD at all levels and AFAD employees can borrow maximum of 5 documents at the same time for studying outside the Library.

2. University teachers, academic employees – internal as well as external, can borrow unlimited number of documents at the same time for unlimited loan period. The number of borrowed books doesn´t include documents borrowed for personal reference libraries of university teachers and academic employees of AFAD.

Article 10

Loan Period

1. The loan period for absence loans is generally 31 calendar days.

2. The loan period for absence loans can vary according to the type of the document.

  • the loan period is shorter for some documents (according to the decision of the library director)
  • the loan period for scripts and is equivalent to the length of semester.

3. In case of need, the Library can request returning of the borrowed documents before the loan period has expired.

4. If requested by the library user and if no other user is requesting the respective document, the loan period can be extended before its expiration.

Article 11

Liability for Borrowed Documents

1. The library user is required to:

a) screen the document before borrowing and to report immediately any kind of damage to the Library (e.g. missing pages, scribbled pages, etc.). Otherwise he or she bears the responsibility for later detected damages and is obliged to recover costs for the document repair,

b) return the borrowed document in the same condition in which it was received and to check the receipt of returning the document,

2. In rare cases, the borrowed document can be returned via mail, as an insured shipment. Even in this cases the library user is obliged to pay overdue fee if the shipment is late. Otherwise the user bears responsibility for damage or loss of the document according to Article 12.

3. No entries shall be made in the borrowed documents. The borrowed documents shall not be damaged in any other form. Otherwise the user is obliged to pay damages according to Article 12.


Document loss and compensation for damage

1. The library user is obliged to report without any delay any damage or loss of the document to the Library, and to recompense the damage within a set period of time in compliance with the Civil Code.

2. The Library can request the following compensation for damages:

a) delivery of undamaged copy of the same document in the same edition and in comparable binding (of similar quality),

b) if such delivery is not possible, the same document in different edition or other document of comparable value can be delivered,

c) delivery of bound photocopy of the original document,

d) if delivery in paragraphs a - c is not possible or effective, a financial compensation for the lost document can be agreed. This financial compensation is determined by the value of the document at the time of the loss or damage.

3. The library user is obliged to recover all costs incurred in connection with damage of the document.

4. If the Library and the user are not able to agree upon the financial compensation, a court will set the amount of the compensation.

5. Until the compensation for damages is set and all debts are covered, the Library is entitled to stop providing its services to the user.

Article 13

Interlibrary Loan Service

1. If the library user is in a need of document that is not present in the library collection nor in collection of other libraries in Bratislava, he or she can ask the Academic Library to provide interlibrary loan from other libraries in Slovakia. The Library will provide original or a photocopy of required document through Interlibrary Loan Service.

2. If the required document isn´t present in library collection of any library in Slovakia, the user can request the Academic Library to use International Interlibrary Loan Service via University Library in Bratislava, which is responsible for providing this service according to valid international regulations. The user is charged for this service.

3. The user is obliged to follow the loan period and all other conditions set by the lending library. Any changes can be made only upon approval of the lending library.

III. Study Room Policies

Article 14

Access to Study Room

1. Access to study room is enabled upon presenting valid library card.

2. The library users are required to leave their coat, briefcase, bags, etc. in the library cloakroom. The Library is not liable for personal belongings left outside the cloakroom, nor for cash and valuables.

Article 15

Rights and Responsibilities of Users in the Study room

1. The study room is designated for presence studying of documents.

2. The user has the right to use only one seat in the study room at the same time.

3. The user has free access to the collection of the reference library of the study room and to displayed periodicals. The user shall remove evidence tickets from borrowed docuemtns and books and hand them over to the study room employee together with his or her library card. When the user is finished, he or she returns the books and documents together with the evidence tickets to their original place. When in study room, the user is obliged to respect requirements of other library users.

3. The library user is entitled to use:

  • collection of the reference library,
  • displayed news and magazines,
  • audiovisual documents upon request,
  • documents from library stockroom and borrowed through interlibrary loan sevice,
  • technical equipment (own PC, USB flash drive) after approval of the study room employee.

 4. Documents from the library stockrom can be ordered for presence studying at the circulation desk.

5. The library can regulate the amount of orders and loans for presence studying having regard to the operational conditions.

6. The library user is obliged to report any defects of borrowed documents to the employee of the study room. The user shall do so in his or her own interest.

7. In the study room the user is obliged to:

  •     – keep silence,
  •     – follow instructions of the study room employee,
  •     – respect other library users.

It is forbidden to:

  • use tools which can harm borrowed documents or other library equipment,
  • use mobile phones, bring food and beverages to the study room and consume them,
  • use own devices requiring to be plugged in nor technical equipment of the library without permission of the responsible library employee.

Article 16

Checkout from the Study room

When leaving the study room the user is obliged to:

  • request evidence tickets of the documents from the study room employee and to return them together with the documents to their original place. Audiovisual documents will be returned directly to the study room employee,
  • fill out loan statistics report form,
  • submit materials borrowed for absence studying for inspection.

IV. Fees and charges

Article 17

Overdue Fees

1. The library user can check the dates of loans of documents processed electronically via on-line catalogue of the Library in the section User´s Account.

2. The Library is not obliged to notice the user about the expiration of the loan period.

3. If the user doesn´t return the document before its due date, the library will issue a reminder:

  • first reminder is not sent to the user,
  • second reminder is sent to the user via e-mail,
  • third reminder (rector´s reminder) is sent to the user as a registered mail at the expense of the user.

4. The obligation to pay an overdue fee commenses on the first day after the due date. If the last day of this period falls on a day when the library is closed, this period is extended until the next workig day.

5. If the user doesn´t return the document upon second reminder, the returning of the documents will be proceeded for law enforcement.

Article 18

Fees for Library Services

1. The Library charges for the following services and operations:

a) registration fees,

b) penalty fees,

c) providing loan from abroad through International Interlibrary Loan Service,

d) reprographic services,

e) verifying of user´s identification data,

2. The Library is entitled to charge processing fee for damage or loss of borrowed document and recovery of mail expenses incurred by sending reminders to the user.

3. Amount of these charges is stated in the Price list of services.

V. Final Provisions

Article 19

Exemptions from the Library Manual

The Library director or a library employee authorised in writing by the library director can permit exemptions from this Library Manual upon written request from a library user.

Article 20

Effectiveness and Validity of the Library Manual

1. This Library Manual has been approved by the management of the Academy of Fine Arts nd Design in Bratislava on February 29, 2012.

2. This Library Manual has entered into force on June 1, 2004.

As of the date of entry into force of this Library Manual, the Library Manual of the AFAD Library from May 31, 2004 shall expire.

In Bratislava on February 29, 2012

prof. Stanislav Stankoci, rector of AFAD


Principles of Using Personal Computers in the AFAD Library

1. The library user can use PC for internet information search for study purposes only upon agreement with study room employee. It is forbidden to use e-mail.

2. The user is entitled to use the PC for maximum of 1 hour.  This period can be extended if the PC is not occupied by other users.

3. The user can make a reservation for a seat at the PC.

4. The user shall not:

  • change the PC configuration and act in a way that would disallow other users to use the net,
  • use own software, or copy programmes.