Kristián Németh – In the Name

Kristián Németh – In the name
Kristián Németh – In the name

In his work Kristian Nemeth repeatedly criticises the church, mechanisms and paradoxes within it, its containment, unconfessed sins of the official representatives and the suffering of those directly affected by their actions.

The current exhibition in the HotDock gallery reflects author’s own experience with ideological abstractions of the criticised institution. Through videos, objects and performance, the author presents bent or deformed Christian/religious principles and the way they affect various “objects” (bodies, mind, life).

Similarly to his current works in which the author generalises the theme, these objects are stripped to fundamentals – what we see are simple forms and motions: body, light, (de)formation, freeze. However, in this simplicity, there is something very worrying.

Ľuboš Lehocký


Friday, September 26th, 2016, 6.00 PM

Hotdock Gallry, Horarska 12, Bratislava

Curator of the Exhibition:

Ľuboš Lehocký

exhibition duration from september 26th, 2016 to october 14th, 2016 (open daily upon request by phone: +421 911 840 413)