25th anniversary of S+M+L_XL  Metal and Jewellery Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava

Venue: Pinakothek der Moderne, München

Duration of the exhibition: 11. 3. – 11. 6. 2017

Opening: 10. 3. 2017

CONSTELLATION as a term represents a group or composition, may express location and denotes the relationship of heavenly objects in the universe. Followers of astrology believe that a constellation of stars in the universe has a significant influence on human beings, their relationships and events – above all, falling stars signify happiness. There is also a historical fact saying that Homer and his followers used cosmos not only to indicate the universe, but also to mean accessory or piece of jewellery.

The S+M+L_XL  Metal and Jewellery Studio exhibition documents and covers the very creative cosmos of students’ and teachers’ work. The Studio is not only young in the date of its establishment, but also dynamic in developing crucial ideas and concepts in the field of contemporary jewellery and beyond. 

The S+M+L_XL  Metal and Jewellery Studio was established in 1992 by one of the most influential art jewellery makers of our times, Anton Cepka. Four years later in 1995, it was taken over by Karol Weisslechner, architect and jewellery maker, and he is the head of the studio until today.  Meanwhile, fifty-three graduates create a network of vivid and strong contemporary jewellery on the Slovak art scene, which is integrated into European and global art networks and CONSTELLATIONS.

The exhibition at the Pinakotheke der Moderne in Munich provides a glance into the creative brainware processes which take place during creation itself. It forms a unique CONSTELLATION of representative works which emerge in the studio during studies and will be displayed in relation to the specificity of the given space “under the stairs.  The aim is to visualize the study or the type of learning which ranges from pragmatic and concept-based tasks to experimental and even emotional, intuitive works.  The study plan comprehends objectives and projects ranging from jewellery to architecture – this diversity of approaches provides peerless experience from the learning processes,  fastens friendships and gives rise to relationships, and offers the opportunity for gaining skills by participating in many workshops and experience by going abroad for study exchanges. An integral part of studies is also participating at the international Šperk Stret conference of contemporary jewellery that takes place every second year in Bratislava, Slovakia, and is organized by the studio staff.

In short, the exhibition will show the intensive oeuvre of constellations that draw attention to the cosmos of 25 years in the S+M+L_XL  Metal and Jewellery Studio.

The studio would like to thank to the Design Museum Neue Sammlung the Pinakotheke der Moderne for this opportunity. We hope the audience and visitors will discover new space and constellations in the universe of this exhibition.

Prof. Karol Weisslechner, akad. arch.


Jana Machatová-Čimová, Daniela Mládenková-Holúbková, Sylvia Jokelová, Soňa Kabáňová- Némethová, Bety Majerníková-Kostovská, Hany Horbanová-Kašičková, Vincent Durbák, Alena Timkovičová, Kristína Balogh-Hrončeková, Matej Bezúch, Mária Hriešik-Nepšinská, Radka Kovačíková, Jana Bálik-Némethová, Lucia Čiernik-Bartková, Lucia Babjaková, Zuzana Šuleřová, Andrea Ďurianová, Lucia  Gašparovičová, Jan Michalisko, Barbora Heinzová, Monika Hanečková, Veronika Opavská, Slavomíra Ondrušová, Pavol Prekop, Hana Polívková, Katarína Defeo Fiúza-Šipošová, Petra Arbetová, Vladimíra Labudová, Dana Tomečková, Barbora Jamrichová, Soňa Šeboková, Simona Svitková, Daniela Kopčová.


Karol Weisslechner, Matúš Cepka,  Kristýna Španihelová.