Alumni Club

Club of graduates, employees, partners, supporters of the AFAD.

Nowadays, it is common for universities to follow the career of their graduates. The schools create alumni clubs, through which they establish, maintain and develop contact with them. It is a mutual relationship - the school informs about itself and invites to participate in events and activities that it implements. The graduates, in turn, bring their personal experience that they have gained in professional and personal life since the end of their studies. Based on their experience, the school can improve its profile and use their support.

We believe that the establishment of the AFAD Alumni Club will create an association of people who want to follow the activities and direction of the AFAD, or to influence it and improve its position. At the same time, we believe that this club will create many interesting and pleasant meetings of people who are connected by artistic education and interests, they have something to say about various social and cultural topics. We will establish a tradition and expect it to bring joy and benefit to all.

The club wants to address not only graduates, but also school employees, teachers working at AFAD for years, who are professionally and personally inextricably linked to this institution. And of course, the Alumni Club of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design is also open to others - friends and sympathizers. We want to create a suitable space where graduates of the most important art educational institution in the field of visual arts, design, architecture and restoration in Slovakia can meet on an informal level, where they can maintain contacts with their alma mater, classmates, teachers and colleagues, but also with friends of art.

The AFAD Alumni Club is an informal association. Membership is voluntary and non-binding. If you are interested in registering, fill in the application form and send it to the club coordinator at

Goals of the Alumni Club

  • iniciate contacts and develop relationships between the academy and their graduates, employees, friends.
  • raise awareness of academy activities
  • support the positive presentation of the AFAD to the public
  • collect data on the professional activities of their graduates

Who can become a member of the club

  • Graduate of the academy at any degree
  • Teaching and non-teaching staff
  • Friends of the school / Supporters in various fields

Projects of the AFAD Alumni Club:

AFAD Incubator

Each year, AFAD launches an open call for several students of the last master's year or recent graduates of design disciplines (Department of Design, Textile Creation, Applied Arts and Visual Communication) who have the opportunity to apply for a studio, for free. The studios are situated in former administrative premises offered to us for this purpose by J&T Banka and located at Koliba in Bratislava.

The studios have different layouts, which allows the creation of different types of workspaces, from individual to shared in a group, depending on the profession or space requirements for work. As the space capacities offered are limited, the number of residents we can accommodate is also limited.

The selection of candidates is based on the submitted project. Selected candidates are provided with space for 1 year, with the possibility of renewing the contract (max. 3 years).

Follow our social networks and website, where we publish the current open call every year.

AFAD Incubator, studios at Koliba
AFAD Incubator, studios at Koliba, 2021.
AFAD Incubator, studios at Koliba
AFAD Incubator, studios at Koliba, 2021.
AFAD Incubator, studios at Koliba
AFAD Incubator, studios at Koliba, 2021.
AFAD Incubator, studios at Koliba
AFAD Incubator, studios at Koliba, 2021.

Alumni Club Coordinator:


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