Drawing for Art Conservation


In conservation and restoration it is imperative that the distinct technical knowledge is in balance with the artistic talent. To be able to face the most difficult tasks equipped with the facility of a skilled visual artist, when considering the specific character of the Department within the whole Academy, our student has to go through a rather “classical” form of studio training in drawing. The historically approved system of gradual intensifying of the difficulty level of single assignments, with the emphasis on composition, perspective, volume, shape, basic knowledge of human anatomy, and, above all, the proportions, is aimed in the direction of mastering the studio projects with confidence. Of priority is the use of traditional approaches, techniques, and media. Acquiring knowledge, skills, and experience by frequent practicing is a basic prerequisite for the possibility to search the individual expression, to use stylization properly, or to experiment with various media. This is generally the case in the advanced (Junior, Senior, Graduate Study) years of study. The range of the self-realization in drawing may run from detailed realistic studies to spontaneous abbreviations, gesture, or abstraction.