Drawing for Applied Art

School of seeing. Know how to watch. To see. To see with wide eyes open. Not to watch and yet see. To see correctly (in the right manner) is one of the skills that the students can obtain in the subject of figure drawing and within special warm-up exercises in the classes of drawing. Composition, perspective, proportion, contraction, measurment, anatomy, white and dark background, charcoal, chalk, sepia, ink, lines, hatching, shading, light and shadow, brush drawing, front view, back view, warm and cool colours, black and white, fixative – these are some examples of the knowledge and skills, that the students gain at regular tutorials in the classes of drawing. The tutorials are individual, complying with the personality of the student, but at the same time with focus on general criteria of drawing. The basic exercise is a drawing of human body from observation of a live model, marginal exercises include also portrait, still life or architecture.