Preparatory Course of Visual Communication

This studio offers a preparatory courses of graphical design for first-year students of the bachelor study programme at AFAD. During the winter term, there are two back-to-back preparatory courses for students of various specialisations. Within the period of 6 – 7 weeks, they are subjected to search for answers to questions related to finding the optimal medium to be used for processing their ideas within the realm of graphical design and its means of expression. The goal of this course is also to provide a link with and comparison between the subject of graphical design and the students’ specialisation. As an important part of their work in the studio, students learn basic skills with bitmap and vector graphics, as well as with textual (especially technical) information – which are often employed by students of various specialisations later on in their studies. A third preparatory course is designed for students of the Department Of Visual Communication. As is the case with the first two courses, its goal is to develop skills necessary for further professional growth. Its assignments are conceived with regard to the need for acquiring skills in processing text and image. During this third preparatory course, the team of students is gradually united by means of assigned topics and participation in workshops. As the students interact with each other within the department, they can be further integrated through working on topics currently explored within the individual studios of the Department Of Visual Communication.