Studio of Fiber Art

Bianka Kukurdíková – OFF - ON
Anna Fričová – Elements
Vlasta Žáková – You are in love with your brother
Ján Jánoš – Cabinet of curiosities
Dana Fagová – Like embroidered
Katarína Orolinová – Inspiration with Embroidery
Henrieta Kurčíková – Inspiration with Embroidery
Ľubomíra Abrahámová – Old love does not rust
Henrieta Kurčíková – Status
Anna Fričová – Eco – Bio
Barbora Kubíčková – Eco – Bio
Natália Kepičová – Creation
Ján Jánoš – Reliquary
Katarína Orolinová – Camouflage
Henrieta Kurčíková – Musculus et corpus
Henrieta Kurčíková – Musculus et corpus
Kristína Šipulová – Section from reality – embroidery
Veronika Galášová – Imaginary reality - machine knitwear
Barbora Kubíčková – What's old home – destruction of fabrics
Bianka Kukurdíková – Memory – carpet
Anna Fričová – Imaginary portrait - jacquard weaving
Kristína Hanulová – Facelift chair - jacquard weaving
Veronika Galášová – Facelift chair - jacquard weaving
Kristína Šírková – Intensification - machine knitwear
Jana Krčmárová – Tribute to Hero - sewing, patination
Jana Bórová – Emotion, structure, space - sewing
Barbora Krejčová – Brands
Barbora Krejčová – Brands
Peter Liška – Textile Experience – invitation
Peter Liška – Textile Experience – catalogue
Henrieta Kurčíková – Redesign of upholstery
Karolína Mrázková – Redesign of upholstery
Kristína Šipulová – Redesign of upholstery
Kristína Tománková – Redesign of upholstery
Diana Elischerová – Redesign of upholstery
Anna Fričová – Tranz
Eva Šrubařová – Mys maz individuum

The concept of the Studio leans on the contemporary fiber art – free art in textile material. Focus is put on the textile fabric as a multiform medium, which offers a number of alternatives of creation ranging from a unique textile fabric to soft sculpture. The programme of the Studio is aimed at authorial creation, work with individual concepts, at the textile fabric as a part of architecture designated for a particular interior or exterior. The programme is also focused on original design with the emphasis on its concept, such as textile accessory or textile jewel.

The Studio draws on the traditions of textiles and wide range of textile techniques. Today the offer is broadened by new technologies, like tufting, digital weaving and knitting. Students experiment with these techniques, work with other media and new technologies. They search progressive solutions and innovative original procedures when creating the works of art.

The programme of the Studio encourages the students to form their own individual artistic opinion, which shall be based on practical experience with the textile medium in the range from textile miniature to monumental art.

The study is organized in workshops and specialized lecutres, and accompanied by excursions, field trips, studio exhibitions in Slovakia as well as abroad, and cooperation with other studios.

Besides specialized subjects the Department offers study of optional subjects of textile restoration, where the students can gain knowledge of historic textile fabrics, their conservation, restoration and reproduction. After bachelor´s level, the students continue at the master´s level either at the Department of Textiles or in Studio of Textile Conservation and Restoration at the Conservation and Restoration Department.