Studio of Painting preparation for Conservators and Restorers

Painting preparation - 1st year of study: restorers painters and sculptors

Studio of painting preparation - 2nd year of study: restorers painters

The basic idea of the concept of the Studio of painting preparation is the creation and development of visual sensitivity and visual literacy.

Program of the 1st year of painting preparation is designed as a basic paint programme that familiarizes the students with the language of painting, with practical and theoretical issues relating to colours, composition, light, expression, proportions, etc. The programme also includes practical familiarization and coping with the basic painting techniques, both for painters and sculptors, however, sculptors use techniques of watercolor, gouache, tempera, pastel, while painters gradually shift to the oil painting techniques and to the potential which this technique contains. Individual painting assignments respond to visual stimulation, their art and conceptual development, but also respond to a stimulation from the history of painting, their stylistic features that are an indispensable part of training and equipment of a restorer.

The 2nd year of study in the Studio of Painting Preparation develops and enhances individual art painting phenomena outlined in the 1st year. Due to the limited time framework it emphasizes and through assignments defines two basic types of motives. It is still life – object and figural painting. Still life develops not only depicting skills, but also a conceptual art thinking, it touches the sphere of visual, emotional, but also historical associations. The programme carries out some similarities also in the field of figural painting, which works with the model, but also with a subjective selection of figural motives from the history of painting.

Figural painting also, at least in the basic, leads the students to understanding the principle stylistic feeling and to the improvement of basic technical and technological skills applied in the technique of oil painting. Some assignments are focused directly on creative procedures determined by the technique of painting.