Studio of Architecture III A3

The architecture is understood as an open process, as putting together pieces of a puzzle, which is combined of three layers:

  1. Why_the reason, why something is created.
  2. What for_its purpose.
  3. How_the way it is created.

It touches architectural issues and relations. Our work is aimed at combination of realistic aspects of the design with utopic visions in a way, that can be an inspiration for architecture in practice. The emphasis is put on analysis of the assignment and conceptual thinking of an individual, which can be observed 1.) in a clear definition of abstract terms (text), 2.) in the transformation into graphics (diagrams), 3.) in an application in a concept (proposal) 4.) and in  verbal expression (presentation). The core of the work in the Studio is model view and intuitive way of design. We intend to support talented intelligent students by individual approach (consultations) and to build the atmosphere of the Studio together (text analyses, presentations, excursions, discussions, etc.).