Studio of Architecture II

Maroš Greš – Cloud 01
Maroš Greš – Cloud 02
Maroš Greš – Cloud 03
Maroš Greš – Cloud 04
Dávid Nosko – Inhabit Icon
Dávid Nosko – Inhabit Icon
Lea Debnárová – Inhabit Icon
Patrik Olejňák – Inhabit Icon
Patrik Olejňák – Inhabit Icon
Silvia Gálová – Inhabit Icon
Silvia Gálová – Inhabit Icon
Michaela Krpalová – Radical preservation
Filip Orság – Stairs to nowhere
Nikol Bodnárová – Stairs to nowhere
Petra Ollerová – Stairs to nowhere

Bachelor´s Level of Study

The Studio Architecture II is a common platform for the development of architecture in all its facets. The Studio Architecture II is focused on designing. Regardless of the particular task (functional theme) the designprocess itself, the creativity, the planning method is in the foreground of the project work. The latest developments, methods and transmedia theories are promoted process-oriented. For a comprehensive processing the knowledge from all other areas of study are demanded and applied. The goal is the ability to plan independently and innovatively, to develope a project from the basic formulation to successful presentation.

Master´s Level of Study

Dynamization of the design process, and deepening of the elaboration. The aim is to increase flexibility in designing through variations and changes, to develop the ability (beyond deterministic object-like architecture ) to operate a process-oriented architecture for open systems. At the time, the Department of Architecture is one of the two holders of the accreditation of the European Union for the architecture in Slovakia. The study at the Department serves as a good basis for passing the professional exams necessary for starting an own practice.

Doctor´s Level of Study

The doctoral program is research that produces an architectural project and / or theoretical work. It is a primary independent scientific work that is done in close consultation.