The Studio S+M+L_XL – Metal and Jewel is one of a kind studios in Slovakia and one of the youngest studios at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. It offers education in bachelor´s, master´s and doctoral level of study. It was established in 1990 by internationally recognized artist, jeweller Doc. Anton Cepka, academic sculptor, who was its chairman until 1995. The letters in the name of the Studio - S+M+L_XL – Metal and Jewel - represent various sizes, which reflects the philosophy of broad focus of the education from small jewel artifacts through design of mass-producible articles to outsized works for specific architectonic spaces. The Studio offers the best possible conditions for development of students´ creativity, so they are encouraged to develop their talent and creative skills and to become successful artists or designers. The studetns are expected to be highly motivated and enthusiastic about their studies, to think innovatively, and to have high level of performance, ambition, curiosity and creativity. Through offering a wide range of information, the Studio intends to motivate its students to become creators, whose aim is to connect intellect and creative craftsmanship.

The Studio graduates of the bachelor´s or master´s level of study are educated, skillful and qualified perosnalities able to creatively complete wide range of artistic and design tasks. They always create with high committment, striving for the highest possible level of quiality of the artistic expression. The graduates of the Studio S+M+L_XL – Metal and Jewel are prepared to start a professional career of an artist, whose work is original and spirited.

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