SOFT NORM – Without index


7.11.2017 o 16:00

Hviezdoslavovo námestie 18, Bratislava, miestnosť H220


Ferenc Gróf (ex Société Réaliste)

In 2016, Ferenc Gróf has worked on a research project with the Kiscelli Museum in Budapest around a nearly forgotten, monumental panel painting which was made for the 1958 Brussels World's Fair. In his lecture he will talk about the complex process which lead to his exhibition, "Without index", produced in collaboration with Enikő Róka, art historian and József Mélyi, curator. "Without index" as an intervention in an institutional context revealed several questions about strategies of appropriation, relations to sociocultural narratives and collective memory. Gróf will discuss several exemplary museological "détournements" which were primordial references in the structuration of the project. The story behind this work is an intrigue of compromise and betrayal, resistance and submission in the force field of art and politics.