Architects and the State. Between creation and adaptation.

Katedra Architektonickej tvorby pozýva na prednášku z cyklu "iconic ruins", ktorý je súčasťou projeku SHARED CITIES: CREATIVE MOMENTUM.

Aexandra Sumorok 26
Aexandra Sumorok 26

The lecure will focus not only on historical and political aspects of the postwar architecture but on the subject of the architect and creator, the problem of adaptational strategies, attitudes and the internal diversity of the architects’ environment. It should be stressed that the socialist architectural landscape was created by professionals, often by remarkable designers, who were, however, entangled in history that undoubtedly determined their lives and artistic choices. The architects of those times were operating in a completely new political, administrative and social  reality.  They were driven by professional necessity, but also frequently by their sense of duty, or mission, and  they often had to reshape their own lives at different levels. Some of them selected the architect’s profession unquestioningly and performed the job equally unreflectively. In the times of socialism both the artist’s creation and the object itself were obviously strongly determined by non-artistic context, the  analysis of this issue, however, should be further defined and extended. In the short lecture I propose to focus on:                                                      

  • The problem of creative language idiosyncratization, architets and their buildings
  • Architects versus state, the adaptational strategies

Aleksandra Sumorok: PhD, art historian, lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź.

Her research focuses on the 20th  century history of Polish architecture and interior design. Author of many articles and the book: Architektura i urbanistyka Łodzi okresu realizmu socjalistycznego [Architecture and urban plannig in Lodz of the socialist realist period].

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