Study at AFAD

AFAD offers following types of study for international students:

1. Standard Study – Bachelor, Master and ArtD/PhD level at AFAD
BA level: (8 semesters); MA level (4 semesters); doctoral level (min. 6 semesters)

Please note: Standard study at AFAD is offered only in Slovak. During the Admission Exam and at all exams throughout the study, a good command of Slovak in written and spoken form is required. Applicants for the Bachelor and Master Degree Programme can request an Admission Exam fully conducted in English. This measure is intended to facilitate application by students who do not master Slovak yet and are in the process of acquiring the language skills needed to complete the studies at AFAD. The Admission Exam consists of an interview as well as written and practical tests.

Successful students are awarded a Diploma and the title “Bachelor of Arts” BA. (equivalent to Bachelor of Fine Arts, BFA), “Master of Art” MFA (equivalent to Master of Fine Arts, MFA), “artis doctor” ArtD., and “philosophiae doctor” PhD.

In order to be accepted, the applicant must pass a highly demanding and competitive Admission Exam based on creative artistic work carried out during the examination, and a written history of art knowledge tests.
The application procedure for students wishing to study at AFAD varies according to the chosen level of study.

For information on how to apply, please see the Study section.


2. Exchange Mobility – study under the ERASMUS or CEEPUS programmes, and on the basis of a bilateral cooperation with partner institutions

Mobility – the exchange stay at AFAD is offered for the duration of one or two semesters. For students visiting within the framework of the programmes Erasmus +, CEEPUS and the Bilateral Agreement Programme cooperation with partner institutions, the study is free of charge. However, students may be asked to cover specific expenses associated with extra costs of administration procedures and support materials.
Exchange students visiting within the framework of the Erasmus +, CEEPUS and the Bilateral Agreement programmes are not expected to pay tuition fees, as they pay fees to their home institution.
A list of all currently valid interuniversity agreements can be found in the AFAD Partner Schools section.


3. „Freemovers“

The term “freemover” has no formal status. It is used loosely to designate a student who is accepted to study at a university in another country, usually for a semester, sometimes for a year, outside of any regular or standard programme (e.g. Erasmus, a special bilateral agreement exchange programme between the two universities, etc.). As such, the student in question is being accepted by the host university as an act of good will on its part.
In some cases, universities may require some fees to be paid. In any case, it is totally at the discretion of the university in question as to whether it will accept the student or not, and under what conditions. Often, this is done when a student wishes to visit because of a particular specialisation offered there, or the presence of a teacher who is the leading expert in their field of interest.
Basically AFAD welcome “freemovers“, especially if a general inter-university agreement on cooperation has been signed with a student’s parent institution. At AFAD, it is at the discretion of individual departments whether or not to admit freemovers.

If you would like to study at AFAD with the status of a “freemover”, please contact the Foreign Relation Office.


4. Supplementary Non-degree Study

Special offer of non-degree supplementary study for foreign students graduated with BA and MA degrees at other universities:

Beginning with the academic year 2015/16, the AFAD will be offering non-accredited, two-year supplementary study composed of practical and theoretical subjects conducted in English language. In terms of this study students will complete selected studio (architecture / photography / printmaking/ intermedia and multimedia / painting / design / conservation and restoration / sculpture / theory and history of art / textiles / applied art / visual communication), drawing and theoretical history of art subjects. Applicants will be accepted to study based on an interview with the lecturers of the respective department and the submission of portfolio.
Supplementary Non-degree Study (max 4 semesters)
This type of study is offered to artists of any age, who graduated in an art field with a BA degree and want to enhance their skills and competencies. The study programme is shaped individually and is exclusively based on creative studio work with open use of facilities (printmaking, glass making, ceramics, video, plotter, 2D, 3D scanner, video editing, etc.) and consultations with respective teachers. Successful students are awarded the AFAD Supplementary Study Certificate.
Annual fee for students: € 1,400 €


Application process overview:

Step 1. Select from among the available courses: See the List of courses taught in foreign languages

Step 2. Contact the Foreign Office coordinator:

Step 3. Send your Application, Motivation Letter, CV, Portfolio, Recommendation Letter, Certificate

Step 4. Wait for the respective Department’s decision and eventual personal appointment for interview

The entrance interview for a Supplementary Study Programme is conducted in front of a committee appointed by the university Rector; the applicant must attend in person. During the interview, the applicant presents his/her portfolio, which is followed by a discussion with the committee. The committee then evaluates the applicant’s artistic level, motivation and knowledge, and consequently recommends his/her being accepted or not accepted to the AFAD Rector for final approval. The applicant will be notified of the result in writing within 7 days from the committee interview.

Note:  Applicants are obliged to send applications for examination for the academic year 2015/2016 until 31 May 2015. The date of the admission examination is 12 June 2015.

Accommodation: AFAD cannot provide accommodation for the students enrolled in the Supplementary Non-Degree Study programme.
The study programme: The students gradually take courses as determined by the study plan for the given Supplementary Non-degree Study Programme, being obliged to take at least 2/3 of them. The courses are not graded according to the usual A-to-F scale; it is only stated whether the student passed them or not. This is being recorded in the Study Report and verified by the Admissions Office. At the end of the study programme, the student receives a Certification of Studies, which cannot be issued in case the student did not pass the required amount of study courses.

Should you have any further questions, please contact AFAD Study Office by e-mail.

Ing. Iveta Šmalová,


5. Supplementary Pedagogical Study (SPS)

The programme is organized and taught by Prof. Ladislav Čarný, MFA
Contact: 00421-903-849 411,
Supplementary Pedagogical Study is offered in Slovak language only.
Students apply for the SPS through an application form at the Academic Study Office.
The AFAD offers the four-term Supplementary Pedagogical Study in two forms:
– as a daily study for MA students of the AFAD, concurrently with their MA studies, through optional courses,
– as an external study for graduates of MA study programmes of AFAD, or for students and graduates of similar MA study programmes  of other schools; the external form of study is paid according to the internal regulation of AFAD; the fee per one semester is 166 €.

Passing the courses and the final exam of the SPS provides a qualification to teach:
Practical arts and technological subjects at elementary schools, elementary arts schools and all types of secondary schools.

The final exam of SPS consists of:
– a written exam from Didactics,
– oral exam from Pedagogy and Methodology,
– oral exam from Pedagogic Psychology,
– oral exam from Didactics


Erasmus exchange students are gaining their credits for the selected subjects and courses accomplished in full length. The number of credits will be approved in the Grading Report at the end of the stay.


Application procedure
Exchange students are accepted only from partner institutions with which AFAD has signed a co-operation agreement within the framework of the Erasmus, CEEPUS and Bilateral Agreement Programme. Students who wish to apply for a study period must submit completed and signed application forms to the AFAD Foreign Relation Office.
Application procedure starts at your home institution by contacting your exchange officer.

Please, note that no applications can be accepted after the deadline:

  • May 31 for the Winter Semester
  • November 15 for the Spring Semester

Applications are considered complete when all the forms, the portfolio and the letter of intent are enclosed.


Arrival and registration
A few weeks before arriving at AFAD, all incoming students will receive information about reservation of accommodation, AFAD academic calendar and other necessary practical information.
The first day international student should be present at AFAD, is the Orientation Day. Please, note that your presence at the Orientation Day is compulsory. You will get all necessary information about the conditions of your study, variety of study programs, academy rules, as well as basic information on student life at the Academy and meet the assistants who will help you with getting to know our Academic system and the local area, and especially choosing your major and minor courses, as well as arranging your first appointments with teachers.