MEDIUM Gallery

To Leave This Place

3.11. - 30.11.2017 | exhibition | Exhibition of Czech photographer Robert V. Novák will present its latest creation, which is confronted with the association for historical and current paths and learning opportunities.

To Leave This Place

Knowing, Seeing, Painting (Glass as Canvas)

6.7. - 23.7.2017 | exhibition | Exhibition is an international project aiming to present the artistic outcome of different painting and drawing techniques in combination with glass.

Knowing, Seeing, Painting (Glass as Canvas)

Joy of Blood Bond

7.6. - 2.7.2017 | exhibition | Exhibition of paintings by Jana Farmanová and Monika Kubinská and sculpture by Erna Masarovičová

Joy of Blood Bond

I Woke Up in a Valley

24.3. - 23.4.2017 | exhibition | Lucia Papčová exhibition is the culmination of her doctoral study at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, where she focused on the problems of representing a landscape in a medium of moving image and sound.

I Woke Up in a Valley

All for one

28.8. - 20.9.2013 | exhibition | The exhibition presents two different viewpoints on social systems founded on collective living

All for one


2.7. - 18.8.2013 | exhibition | The thesis of Daniela Krajčová explores local memory about the Jewish community in three Slovak towns, while using medium of drawn animation